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By Andy Hoare

The disgraced Vostroyan 77th Imperial protect regiment and their new commissar face a violent rebellion on a jail planet

Deployed to the felony planet of Furia Penitens to quell a violent rebellion, the 77th Vostroyan Firstborn regiment of the Imperial safeguard locate themselves in a precarious place. The rebels are in a fortified prison-hive, all yet impenetrable. A shame suffered via their forebears haunts them. and so they hate their new commissar... Can Commissar Flint convey them victory and fix their recognition, or will the 77th fail back?

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And nonetheless we all know little of this Colonel Strannik or his motivations. ’ ‘I might have suggestion you’d have guessed a few of it by means of now, commissar. ’ Herrmahn acknowledged. ‘You’ve definitely heard a few fact amidst the nonsense those convicts have gabbled this night. ’ ‘I think I have,’ stated Flint. ‘But I like to deal in evidence. Strannik was once Firstborn, definite? And I’m guessing that he's with regards to Governor Kherhart when it comes to the Techtriarchs of the Anhalz extended family. Am I right? ’ Herrmahn regarded down at his toes as though contemplating how a lot of a honest resolution he may still provide. ‘You are right in that a lot, commissar,’ he responded. ‘But there’s extra, isn’t there,’ stated Flint. It wasn’t a question. In his mind’s eye Flint may possibly already see the labyrinthine family tree chart spreading out prior to him, and he rather didn’t just like the glance of the place the strains have been assembly, or who they have been becoming a member of jointly. Herrmahn sighed. ‘Yes, commissar, there's extra. however it has to come back direct from…’ ‘Last one, commissar,’ stated Corporal Bukin as he led Argusti Vahn into the habitent chamber. Vahn used to be wiry to the purpose of emaciation, even though Flint suspected that even in greater instances he used to be at risk of leanness. His hair was once shaped into waist-long dreadlocks and his extreme eyes gleamed with a virtually feral mild from the midst of his filthy face. Vahn wore a ragged collection of garments combining the elemental uniform the entire convicts have been issued upon their incarceration with no matter what scraps he had received due to the fact that, crudely stitched jointly in a way that reminded Flint of the apparel worn by way of the hardcore of the Gethsemane rebels. regardless of Vahn’s vagabond visual appeal, Flint might inform there has been anything extra to the convict. He had in spite of everything asserted himself as chief of the refugee staff, and except a number of underlying tensions such a lot of them looked as if it would have permitted him in that station. As a commissar it was once considered one of Flint’s tasks to pay attention to the ebb and movement of casual energy that sloshed round Imperial safeguard devices, and the vast majority of the convicts he had puzzled to this point seemed to be ex-Guard, planetary defence strength or armed forces. Even these like Becka who hadn’t served in a proper experience had most likely run with the hyper-violent gangs they grew up round. ‘So,’ Flint acknowledged to Vahn, gesturing for him to sit down within the chair within the centre of the chamber. ‘What’s your tale? ’ Vahn solid a suspicious look on the seat. because it was once not anything extra threatening than a standard-issue folding camp chair and consequently no quick risk he sat, even though he remained evidently distrustful of his atmosphere. ‘My tale? ’ acknowledged Vahn. ‘Can’t particularly say i've got one, commissar. ’ Flint’s eyes narrowed and he folded his fingers throughout his chest. ‘Come on, Vahn,’ he answered. ‘Everyone’s received a narrative. Let’s listen anything of yours. the place you’re from, for a commence. ’ Vahn snorted as though recalling a shaggy dog story he had heard many years in the past. ‘I’m from Alpha Penitentia, commissar. You? ’ Flint didn’t resolution immediately, yet scanned Vahn for any scrap of a clue he may well use to his virtue.

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