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By Paul Finch

A clean tackle the Arthurian mythos, Dark North takes the reader past the around desk into the exhilarating and hazardous international of Arthur's Britain and past. Sir Lucanthe Black Wolf of the North may perhaps lose his soul as he battles Arthur's enemies and makes an attempt win again his misplaced love.

When King Arthur faces a problem for his crown from the reinvigorated Roman Empire, he needs to name his supporters from each nook of the British Isles. this type of, Sir Lucan—the Black Wolf of the North—has extra cause than so much to affix the arriving crusade. Lucan’s appealing spouse, Trelawna, hoping to steer a brand new, larger lifestyles in Italy, absconded with a tender Roman officer.

Lucan, already a fierce warrior yet now with tainted blood because of his conflict with the Penharrow trojan horse, hence turns the challenge right into a sour own vendetta. His former squire, Alaric, quickly involves worry for his overlord’s soul, yet is extra afraid nonetheless for the security of girl Trelawna, whom he consistently enjoyed from a distance. in the meantime, the Roman kinfolk Trelawna has fallen in with are the influential Malconi extended family, and their matriarchal head is the sorceress Zenobia. She sees it as her motherly responsibility to prevent Lucan with any demonic strength she will be able to summon…

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The halberdiers’ leather-based and iron battle-skirts weren't as good as their plate corselets. “Upper thigh and bollocks! ” the crossbowman shouted. “That’s the place they’re weak! ” His captain took up the cry, and the remainder of them adjusted their target for this reason. the 2 ranks of crossbowmen endured to retreat among fusillades, yet now have been doing noticeable harm to their competitors, who dropped in threes and fours instead of ones and twos, many curling into balls of pain at the flooring. Arthur glanced alongside his line. To the east and west, his longbows have been in readiness, each one archer ready with bow now strung and on the horizontal, arrows nocked. by means of Arthur’s estimation, the halberdiers will be inside diversity of bowshot in one other fifty paces, after which Emperor Lucius would really see carnage. The Romans knew concerning the archers of Albion. that they had heard concerning the British war-bow. A six-foot stave of yew, trimmed accurately in order that its thick abdominal consisted of heartwood and its limbs of narrower sapwood to shop pressure, and strung with a wire of woven hemp. Its reputed draw-weight of 1 hundred and fifty kilos may possibly force their bodkin issues, looking on the space and perspective, via plate armour. a few had selected to not think this. Others left out it just because the courtroom of King Arthur used to be favourite extra for the braveness and chivalry of its knights. The archers of Albion will be little extra truthfully than auxiliaries, peasant infantrymen whose activity was once to mop up the leavings in their lord and betters. The halberdiers have been now approximately 400 yards from Arthur’s battle-front. It was once the purpose of no go back. Arthur handed on his orders. His heralds raised the ideal flags, and clarions have been sounded on either flanks of his military. The King watched as his archers – males honed to really good power and sturdiness via lengthy years of perform – drew their fletched shafts to their ears. they didn't objective; there has been not anything to work out from the place they have been deployed. yet their missiles could fall thick around the whole entrance in a continuous bathe. “Loose at will! ” used to be the command. The sky in brief darkened because the first flights arched over Arthur’s infantry. Their affects have been simultaneous and devastating. there have been fewer clinks and clatters; it was once extra a succession of chunks and gut-thumping thuds because the needlepoint arrowheads scythed via plate and mail, plunging deep into the flesh and bone underneath. the total Roman improve faltered. Halberdiers dropped their guns and sagged to their knees, falling backward or sideways, cloth-yard shafts sticking out from heads, necks, chests and shoulders. Gasps and wails stuffed the air, drowning the regular rhythm of the battle-drum. Ruby glisters have been noticeable in the course of the airborne dirt and dust. And nonetheless the crossbows maintained their very own cost of discharge, in order that the Romans needed to deal with hails of loss of life either from front and overhead. there has been confusion because the enhance got here to a halt, after which, as extra arrow showers descended, the troops discarded their guns and commenced shoving their manner backward.

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