Download E-books Dirty Russian: Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*%# Off!" (Dirty Everyday Slang) PDF

By Erin Coyne


Next time you’re touring or simply chattin’ in Russia together with your acquaintances, drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions they by no means train you at school, including:

• Cool slang
• humorous insults
• particular intercourse terms
• uncooked swear phrases

Dirty Russian teaches the informal expressions heard on a daily basis at the streets of Russia:

What's up?
kak de-LA?

I relatively gotta piss.
mnye O-chen NA-do pos-SAT.

rattling, you fine!
blin, nu ti i shi-KAR-nii!

Let's have an orgy.
da-VAI u-STRO-im OR-gi-yu.

this can be crappy vodka.
d-ta VOD-ka khre-NO-va-ya.

Let's move get hammered.
poi-DYOM bukh-NYOM.

i am gonna personal you, bitch!
ya te-BYA VI-ye-blyu!

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I don’t get round up to I used to, so while I do hit the city, it really is regularly great to run into an outdated friend. whilst a well-known face seems to be, move forward and inform them how great it truly is to work out them. Who do I see there! ko-VO ya VI-zhu! the place ya been keepin’ your self? ku-DA ti pro-PAL? What are you men doing right here! kak-I-ye LYU-di! communicate of the satan! LYO-gok na po-MI-nye! hi there, outdated guy, sturdy to determine you! eh, sta-rRIK, rad te-BYA VI-dyet! I’ve neglected you! ya po te-BYE so-SKU-chil-sya! Please and thanks po-ZHA-lui-sta i spa-SI-bo If you’ve studied any Russian in any respect, then you definitely comprehend that one of many humorous issues concerning the language is that “please” and “you’re welcome” are a similar note: . this may begin to sound a bit lame after it slow: , , on and on and on and on. So with the intention to stay away from sounding like a damaged list, right here a couple of words you should use so as to add a bit style into the combination. i've got a request for you. u me-NYA okay te-BYE PRO-sba. . Be a friend! bud DRU-gom! SURPRISE〉〉〉 U-DI-VLE-NI-YE lifestyles in Russia is filled with surprises. that can be why they've got such a lot of phrases and expressions that basically all suggest “wow. ” Wow! vau! Wowzers! ukh, ti! be aware. ye-SCHO bi. good, howd ya like that! nu, ti da-YOSH! good, dang! o-bal-DYεT! That’s wild! o-fi-GYεT! I’ll be damned! o-du-RYεT! Fuckin’ A! o-khu-YεT! Holy shit! khu-YA-sye! Holy fuck! za-ye-BIS That’s fucked up! ε-ta piz-DYεTZ! Fuck! yob! no longer undesirable! ni-che-VO se-BYε! Holy cow! ni fig-A se-BYε! sizzling rattling! ni khren-A se-BYε! Fuck yeah! ni khu-YA se-BYε! support me out! bud lyu-BYE-zen! I’m fairly asking you! ya te-BYA O-chen prosh-U! I’m begging you! ya te-BYA u-mo-LYA-yu! I’m very thankful. ya O-chen bla-go-DA-ren. this can be lovely formal and professional sounding. I thanks. bla-go-dar-IU. this is often additionally type of formal yet is typically used satirically through youngsters. Thanky! spa-SI-boch-ki! type of a cutesy means of claiming thank you. No challenge! byez pro-BLYEM! If you’re neighbors with a Russian, it’s pretty well taken without any consideration that you’ll be keen to have the same opinion while wanted with out criticism and usually with no too many questions. the following a number of how you can inform your Russian good friend that you’re cool with that. Don’t point out it. NYE za chto this is one other position the place you have to be cautious with rigidity. to claim “Don’t point out it,” you might want to tension it NYE za chto. in case you say nye za CHTO, it skill anything like “No method, no how. ” Don’t fear approximately it! da LAD-no! It’s no longer worthy (mentioning)! nye STO-it! another position the place tension is necessary. right here you wish nye STO-it. in case you say nye sto-IT, you’ll be asserting “It doesn’t stand. ” Easy-peasy! ZA-pro-sto! No biggie! da E-to fig-NYA! Nothin’ to it! NYE fig DYE-lat! get pleasure from it (in health)! na zdo-RO-vye! My undesirable! iz-vi-NYA-yus! eventually you’re going to make an ass of your self. you simply are. So listed below are few how one can say a short apology and shake it off. Excuse me! iz-vi-NI! Forgive me! pro-STI! Sorry! SO-ri! similar to English, simply with a Russian o and a rolled r. Whoops! O-pa! Oops! ups! discovering YOU〉〉〉 ZNAKOMSTVO I’m John. ya—dzhon. i believe I’m beautiful cool, yet my buddies all say I’m a loser.

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