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Each one of these features has its roots in later medieval advancements. the area because it is this day grows at once from the medieval interval, a full of life, assorted, eventful period that produced the various world’s maximum creative achievements, really within the region of literature. the subsequent pages discover the various info of these different and intriguing literatures. BIBLIOGRAPHY Caws, Mary Ann, and Christopher Prendergast, eds. The HarperCollins global Reader: Antiquity to the Early smooth global. manhattan: HarperCollins, 1994. Davis, Paul, et al. , comps. Western Literature in a global Context: Vol. 1, the traditional international throughout the Renaissance. ny: St. Martin’s Press, 1995. Hollister, C. Warren. Medieval Europe: a quick background. 4th ed. ny: Wiley, 1978. Lawall, Sarah, and Maynard Mack, eds. The Norton Anthology of global Literature. Vol. B, 100–1500. second ed. long island: Norton, 2002. “The Medieval period. ” within the Longman Anthology of worldwide Literature: Vol. B, The Medieval period, edited through David L. Pike, et al. , 1–9. big apple: Longman, 2004. Westling, Louise, et al. , eds. the realm of Literature. top Saddle River, N. J. : Prentice corridor, 1999. AUTHORS’ TIMEķĸLINE Dates writer Dates writer ca. 345–420 348–aft. 405 354–430 ca. 360–ca. 435 365–427 Jerome, Saint Prudentius Augustine of Hippo, Saint Macrobius Tao Qian (T’ao Ch’ien or T’ao Yuan-ming) K¯alid¯asa Bhartrhari Boethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus Gildas Fortunatus, Venantius Honorius Clementianus Gregory of excursions Gregory the nice Taliesin Aneirin Isidore of Seville, Saint Amaru Appar Caedmon Campatar Han Shan (Han-shan) Bede, The Venerable Kakinomoto no Hitomaro Wang Wei Li Bai (Li Po) Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad Du Fu (Tu Fu) ca. 720–799 ca. 721–ca. 757 ca. 735–804 ca. 756–ca. 814 768–824 ca. 770–ca. 840 ca. 770–840 772–846 779–831 790–816 fl. 800 9th century 805–852 ca. 809–849 ca. 813–ca. 858 Paul the Deacon Ibn al-Muquaffa’, Abd Allah Alcuin of York Abu Nuwas Han Yu (Han Yü) Cynewulf Einhard Bo Juyi (Po Chü-i) Yuan Zhen (Yüan Chen) Li He (Li Ho) Nennius Cuntarar Du Mu (Tu Mu) Walafrid Strabo Li Shangyin (Li Shang-yin) Notker Balbullus Alfred the good Saadia Gaon D¯evara D¯asimayya Aethelwold Eyvind Finson Ferdowsi, Abolqasem Hrosvit of Gandersheim Aelfric Wulfstan Sei Sh¯onagon Al-Ma’arri, Abu al-’Ala Murasaki Shikibu fl. 375–415 fifth century ca. 480–ca. 526 ca. 500–ca. 570 ca. 530–ca. 609 ca. 538–94 ca. 540–604 past due 6th century fl. 560–600 ca. 560–636 7th century 7th century 7th century 7th century ca. 600–800 ca. 673–735 fl. 698–700 ca. 699–761 701–762 ca. 704–ca. 767 712–776 ca. 840–912 ca. 849–899 882–942 tenth century ca. 909–984 ca. 915–990 ca. 932–ca. 1025 ca. 935–aft. 972 ca. 955–ca. 1012 ca. 960–1023 fl. 966–1017 973–1058 fl. 978–1014 xi xii Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature Dates writer Dates writer 994–1064 Ibn Hazm, Abu Muhammad ‘Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Sa’id Somadeva Izumi Shikibu Anselm of Canterbury, Saint Omar Khayy¯am Al-Ghaz¯al¯ı Judah Halevi Guillaume IX, duke of Aquitaine Abelard, Peter Anna Comnena Li Qingzhao (Li Ch’ing-chao) Henry of Huntington Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint William of Malmesbury Ibn Munqidh, Usamah Hildegard von Bingen Kampan Philippe de Thaon ca.

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