Download E-books McGraw-Hill's Spanish Student Dictionary for your iPod (MP3 Disc + Guide) (Ty: Short Courses) PDF

Now the simplest Spanish-English reference is simply a click on away!

For use in your: iPod • iPhone • Zune

At institution, at domestic, or at the move, this beginner's dictionary grants what you wish fast and simply. With every one access, you'll listen the notice in Spanish and in English, with pauses so that you can excellent your pronunciation. McGraw-Hill's Spanish pupil Dictionary on your iPod additionally permits you to customize your studying event in 3 ways:

Quick look-up
See and listen to 4,000 Spanish to English, English to Spanish entries (some with illustration!).

Essential Vocabulary
grasp 800 easy phrases grouped through 30 universal themes.

Customized Learning
utilizing the iPod playlist characteristic, you could create your personal record of challenging phrases, phrases to review for subsequent week's exam--the chances are endless!

The art during this product can cause performance matters with convinced iPod versions. we advise that when you are working McGraw-Hill's pupil Dictionary on an iPod Nano (3G) you need to set up just one model of the dictionary (e.g., in basic terms Spanish-English yet no longer English-Spanish). Please consult with the accompanying publication for special deploy instructions.

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That (in the gap) aquellos, as [a KE yohs] adj. these • Aquel avión es grande. That aircraft is enormous. Aquellas velas son bonitas. these sails are lovely. aquí [a KEE] adv. • the following Aquí tienes el disco que quieres. here's the list you will want. araña (la) [a RA nya] n. • spider Tengo miedo a las arañas. I’m petrified of spiders. árbol (el) [AR bol] n. • tree En el norte los árboles cambian de colour en otoño. within the north bushes switch colour within the fall. arco iris (el) [AR co EE rees] n. El arco iris tiene siete colores. Rainbows have seven shades. 18 • rainbow arduo, a • arrestar • demanding, tricky El trabajo en una granja es arduo. paintings on a farm is difficult. arduo, a [AR duo] adj. enviornment (la) [a RE na] n. • sand Hacemos un castillo de enviornment en los angeles playa. we're creating a sand citadel at the seashore. • corn flour cake (Venezuela) los angeles arepa es una comida típica de Venezuela. Arepa is a customary Venezuelan meals. arepa (la) [a RE pa] n. • desolate, arid l. a. ecología de las zonas áridas es interesante. The ecology of arid zones is fascinating. árido, a [A ree do] adj. • weapon los angeles venta de armas a otros países es un tema de interés político. The sale of guns to different international locations is a subject of political curiosity. arma (el) (f. ) [AR ma] n. armario (el) [ar MA ryo] n. • closet El armario de mi abuela tiene un gran espejo. My grandmother’s closet has an important reflect. arquitecto, a (el, los angeles) [ar kee TEC to] n. El señor García es arquitecto. Mr. García is an architect. • architect • to rearrange, to mend Mi hermana me ayuda a arreglar mi automóvil. My sister is helping me repair my vehicle. arreglar [a rre GLAR] v. • to arrest l. a. policía arresta al ladrón. The police are arresting the thief. arrestar [a rres TAR] v. 19 arriba • ascensor (el) arriba [a RREE ba] adv. Juan está arriba. Juan is upstairs. • up, upstairs arroyo (el) [a RRO yo] n. • brook, flow El arroyo desemboca en el río. The movement flows into the river. arroz (el) [a RROS] n. • rice El malesú tiene arroz con pollo. The menu has fowl with rice. • artwork l. a. ciudad tiene una galería de arte. town has an paintings gallery. arte (el) [AR te] n. • article Escribo un artículo para el periódico estudiantil. I’m writing an editorial for the coed newspaper. artículo (el) [ar TEE cu lo] n. artista (el, l. a.) [ar TEES ta] n. • artist David quiere ser artista. David desires to be an artist. artístico, a [ar TEES tee co] adj. • creative Laura es muy artística. Laura is particularly creative. • roast, roasted Mi mamá prepara un pollo asado. My mom is making roast chook. asado, a [a SA do] adj. ascensor (el) [a sen SOR] n. • elevator El ascensor es los angeles invención del señor Otis. The elevator is the discovery of Mr. Otis. 20 así • atender así [a SEE] adv. • this manner; so; hence Jaime lo hace así. Jaime does it this fashion. • so-so Antonio se siente así, así porque está resfriado. Antonio feels so-so simply because he has a chilly. así, así [a SEE a SEE] adv. • seat Me gusta tener el asiento junto a l. a. ventana cuando vuelo. i love to have the seat subsequent to the window while I fly. asiento (el) [a SYEN to] n. asistir (a) [a sees TEER] v.

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