Download E-books More Making Out in Korean: A Korean Language Phrase Book. Revised & Expanded Edition (Korean Phrasebook) (Making Out Books) PDF

By Ghi-woon Seo

More Making Out in Korea is a enjoyable, obtainable and thorough Korean word ebook and advisor to the Korean language as it truly is particularly spoken.

Now in its 3rd variation, this can be the ideal creation to Korean as it really is quite spoken—from daily interactions to easy inquiries to the language of affection. It comprises words and tidbits of knowledge on various social occasions akin to consuming out, touring texting, and lots more and plenty extra.

More Making Out in Korean contains a pronunciation advisor and simple grammar, in addition to guidance for using well mannered and casual words so you are going to by no means placed a foot incorrect while:

  • assembly and discovering people
  • Exploring golf equipment and bars
  • Getting severe in relationships
  • speaking to neighbors via social media

Each expression during this Korean phrasebook is given in Korean script in addition to Romanized shape to augment your adventure of the language (and assist you with "written socializing" on pcs and gadgets).

Full of colourful slang, instantly speak and a bit cultural savvy at the aspect, this publication has what you want to start. decide it up and prepare to communicate.

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Geoul jom bosiji! 거울 좀 보시지! gerool jawm bawseejee! I’ve had it! jigyeowo jukget-seo! / neondeoriga na! 지겨워 죽겠어! / 넌더리가 나! jee-gyaw-wo jook-get-sser! / nern-der-ree-gah nah! those strategies can be utilized interchangeably. You suggest not anything (to me). dangsineun (nahante) amu geotdo anieyo. 당신은 (나한테) 아무 것도 아니에요. dahngseen-ohn (nah-hante) ahmoo gertdaw ahnee-eyo. I’m pleased we broke up! heeojyeoseo cheonman dahaengida! 헤어져서 천만다행이다! he-er-jyaw-ser chern-mahn dahhang-eedah! (Pack your stuff and) hit the line! (jim ssaseo) naga! (짐 싸서) 나가! (jeem ssahser) nahgah! supply me again the condo / automobile key. apateu / cha ki dollyeo juseyo. 아파트 / 차 키 돌려주세요. ahpahtoh / chah kee dawl-lyaw jooseyaw. provide me again the entire provides I gave to you. naega jwotdeon seonmul da dollyeo juseyo. 내가 줬던 선물 다 돌려주세요. nagah jwotdern sernmool dah dawl-lyaw jooseyaw. I’ve already thrown them away. imi da beoryeot-sseoyo. 이미 다 버렸어요. eemee dah ber-ryawt-sseryo. Why’d you do any such factor? wae geureon jiseul haet-sseoyo? 왜 그런 짓을 했어요? wa gohrern jeesohl hat-sseryo? (Because) i needed to put out of your mind you. dangsin ijeobeoriryeoguyo. 당신 잊어버리려구요. dahngseen ee-johr-ber-ree-ryaw-goo-yo. Don’t do one of these factor. geureon jit haji marayo. 그런 짓 하지 말아요. goh-rern jeet hahjee mahrahyo. You’re this type of worrier. sosim hagineun. 소심하기는. sawseem hah-gee-nohn. You’re one of these crybaby. i ulboya. 이 울보야. ee ool-baw-yah. I’m no longer your toy. nan dangsine jangnangami anieyo. 난 당신의 장난감이 아니에요. nahn dahngseen-e jahng-nahn-gahm-ee ahnee-eyo. Don’t imagine that I’m in simple terms yours. naega nikkeorago saenggak hajima. 내가 니꺼라고 생각하지마. nagah neekker-rahgaw sanggahk hahjeemah. I don’t belong to you. nan nikke anya. 난 니께 아냐. nahn neekke ahnyah. Now I’ll think greater (because we broke up). (heeojinikkan) sogi da huryeon hane. (헤어지니깐) 속이 다 후련하네. (he-er-jee-nee-kkahn) sawgee dah hoo-ryawn hahne. You stated undesirable issues approximately me. nae hyung bwatji. 내 흉봤지. na hyung bwaht-jee. how will you speak (to me) like that? nahante eotteoke geureoke malhal su it-sseoyo? 나한테 어떻게 그렇게 nah-hahn-te ertterke goh-rer- 말할 수 있어요? ke mahlhahl soo eet-sseryo? You speak all the way down to me. dangsineun nareul musi haet-seoyo. 당신은 나를 무시했어요. dahngseen-ohn nahrohl moosee hat-sseryo. You seek advice from me like I’m a idiot. dangsineun nal babo chwigeup haet-sseoyo. 당신은 날 바보취급했어요. dahngseen-ohn nahl bahbawchwi-gohp hat-sseryo. Who cares? geureodeunga, maldeunga! 그러든가, 말든가~! goh-rer-dohn-gah, mahl-dohngah! I hate you! na neo sireo! 나 너 싫어! nah ner see-rer! i will be able to locate a person greater than you. neoboda deo gwaenchaneun saram neollyeot-sseo. 너보다 더 괜찮은 사람 nerbawdah der gwan-chahn- 널렸어. ohn sahrahm nerl-lyawt-sser. Who would need you? nuga neogateun saram joahalkka? 누가 너같은 사람 noogah ner-gah-tohn sahrahm 좋아할까? jaw-ah-hal-kkah? You’re no longer the one boy in namjaga neo hanan jul ara? the realm. 남자가 너 하난줄 알아? nahmjah-gah ner hahnahn jool ahrah? The literal translation of this Korean expression is, “Do you're thinking that you’re the single boy during this international? ” And it’s an analogous state of affairs with the under sentence: detect that the Korean displays the query shape. You’re now not the single lady in yeojaga neo hanan jul ara? the realm. 여자가 너 하난줄 알아?

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