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Learn to construct quickly and scalable software program in JavaScript with Node.js

Node.js is a robust and well known new framework for writing scalable community courses utilizing JavaScript. This no nonsense ebook starts off with an summary of Node.js after which quick dives into the code, center options, and APIs. In-depth assurance pares down the necessities to hide debugging, unit trying out, and move regulate for you to begin construction and trying out your individual modules correct away.

  • Covers node and asynchronous programming major concepts
  • Addresses the fundamentals: modules, buffers, occasions, and timers
  • Explores streams, dossier structures, networking, and automatic unit testing
  • Goes past the fundamentals, and stocks concepts and instruments for debugging, unit checking out, and circulate control

If you recognize JavaScript and are enthusiastic about the facility of Node.js, then this is often the best publication for you.

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Directory 20-7: A middleware that saves each request right into a dossier. var fs = require('fs'), direction = require('path'), util = require('util'); functionality saveRequest(dir) { go back function(req, res, subsequent) { var fileName = course. join(dir, Date. now(). toString() + '_' + Math. floor(Math. random() * one hundred thousand) + '. txt'); var dossier = fs. createWriteStream(fileName); dossier. write(req. procedure + ' ' + req. url + '\n'); dossier. write(util. inspect(req. headers) + '\n'); req. pipe(file); next(); } } module. exports = saveRequest; for each request this middleware part will get, it creates a brand new dossier within a exact listing and saves all of the headers into it. Then, it pipes the request into that dossier. No a part of the request physique is written out at the present. the information and different occasion listeners are arrange in order that whilst destiny info arrives, that information is shipped into the dossier writable circulation. you can now adjust the server to incorporate this middleware part, as proven in directory 20-8. directory 20-8: This HelloWorld server contains the SaveRequest middleware. var attach = require('connect'); // import middlewares var saveRequest = require('. /save_request'); var writeHeader = require('. /write_header'); var replyText = require('. /reply_text'); var app = attach. createServer( saveRequest(__dirname + '/requests'), writeHeader('X-Powered-By', 'Node'), replyText('Hello international! ') ); app. listen(8080); right here you're commanding the SaveRequest middleware to avoid wasting the entire requests right into a listing named requests, lower than the neighborhood listing. it can save you this code directory right into a dossier named hello_world_app_v4. js and create the listing for storing the requests: $ mkdir requests you can now commence the server: $ node hello_world_app_v4 you could then feed the server with an area dossier utilizing curl: $ curl -T hello_world_app_v4. js http://localhost:8080 This command is telling curl to add the dossier into this URL. After this command is finished, you could glance within the requests listing. There will be a dossier just like “1340373961878_15062. txt” that comprises anything just like the following: placed /hello_world_app_v4. js { 'user-agent': 'curl/7. 21. four (universal-apple-darwin11. zero) libcurl/7. 21. four OpenSSL/0. nine. 8r zlib/1. 2. 5', host: 'localhost:8080', settle for: '*/*', 'content-length': '349', count on: '100-continue' } var attach = require('connect'); // import middlewares var saveRequest = require('. /save_request'); var writeHeader = require('. /write_header'); var replyText = require('. /reply_text'); var app = attach. createServer( saveRequest(__dirname + '/requests'), writeHeader('X-Powered-By', 'Node'), replyText('Hello international! ') ); As anticipated, this dossier includes the HTTP technique, the URL, the headers, and the request physique. dealing with mistakes inside of Middleware A middleware part may also deal with mistakes. to check the sort of, first you want to create a “faulty” middleware part that throws an errors, as proven in directory 20-9. directory 20-9: A middleware part that throws an mistakes. functionality errorCreator() { go back function(req, res, subsequent) { throw new Error('This is an error'); } } module.

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