Download E-books Reading and Writing Chinese: Third Edition, HSK All Levels (2,349 Chinese Characters and 5,000+ Compounds) PDF

By William McNaughton

This is a whole and easy–to–use consultant for studying and writing chinese language characters.

Learning written chinese language is an important a part of gaining knowledge of the chinese. Used as a regular through scholars and academics studying to learn chinese language and write chinese language for greater than 3 many years, the bestselling Reading & Writing Chinese has been thoroughly revised and up to date. Reading & Writing Chinese areas at your fingertips the fundamental 1,725 chinese language characters' updated definitions, derivations, pronunciations, and examples of right utilization through cleverly condensed grids. This advisor additionally specializes in Pinyin, that's the reputable method to transcribe Hanzi, chinese language characters, into Latin script, now universally utilized in mainland China and Singapore. conventional characters (still utilized in Taiwan and Hong Kong) also are incorporated, making this an entire reference.

Newly up-to-date and revised, those characters are those formally prescribed through the chinese language govt for the the world over famous try out of skillability in chinese language, the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK). The student's skill to learn chinese language and write chinese language are bolstered all through.

Key positive aspects of this newly-expanded version include:

  • The 1,725 most often used characters in either Simplified and standard forms.
  • All 2,633 characters and 5,000+ compounds required for the HSK Exam.
  • typical Hanyu Pinyin romanizations.
  • extra mnemonic words and etymologies that will help you take into account the characters.
  • an in depth advent, alphabetical index, and index in response to stroke count number and stroke order.
  • thoroughly updated/expanded English definitions.
  • handy quick-reference tables of radicals.
  • up to date and revised compounds, plus 25% extra vocabulary now offered.
  • Codes to aid people who find themselves getting ready for the AP examination or the HSK exam


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Recommend remembering the head stroke as a chimney. the coed probably want to distinguish “roof” from “lid” 亠 (33, p. 7) and from “crown” 冖 (36, p. 8). no longer an self reliant personality, mián is the novel of over 50 universal glossy characters. BǏ, ladle. LADLE radical (39) the nature is an image. 匕首 bǐshǒu dagger forty-one 2 strokes 它 forty two five strokes 了 forty three 2 strokes 子 forty four three strokes TĀ, it [A] L2 Karlgren sees this as initially a pictograph which means “cobra” (Analytic Dictionary 1011), later corrupted into “roof” over “ladle,” and as coming through sound-loan to intend “the different, one other, it. ” 它们 tāmen they, them (not people) [A] LE; a particle: after verbs or sentences; le essentially skill “changed prestige” or “completed action”; LIǍO, to complete, to finish; to appreciate [A] L1 scholars who desire a fuller account of this busy little particle may still seek advice the index to Chao Yuen Ren, A Grammar of Spoken chinese language (1968) (26 references). 好了 hǎole complete 懂了 dǒngle understood (for liǎo) 了解 liǎojiě to appreciate L3 暸 ZǏ, baby; first of the twelve “earthly branches” (used in enumerations and to call two-hour classes of the day). baby radical (74) [A] 子 is an image. In older varieties, it relatively sincerely resembles a toddler. 子 happens usually independently and as a suffix to many nouns. “Earthly branches”: see Lin Yutang’s Dictionary 1451f. 儿子 érzi son L1 孩 子 háizi baby L2 nine p1-50-_RWC 1208. indd nine 4/12/12 10:08:04 AM 45–49 • simple CHARACTERS 好 forty five 6 strokes 厶 HǍO, be stable, be good; HÀO, to think about stable; to love, to like [A] L1 好 combines meanings. “Woman” beside “child” indicates “goodness, future health, whatever fascinating. ” 好人 hǎorén solid individual; fit individual; a “good man” who attempts to get besides every person, frequently sacrificing precept to take action. SĪ, be egocentric, be inner most. nostril radical (37) the novel used to be initially an image of a nostril. Pointing at one’s nostril to consult oneself is a typical perform in China. Dictionaries usually word that this is often the unique kind of 私, “private, egocentric” (Pt. 2, p. 216a) forty six 2 strokes 幺 YĀO, coil; be immature, be smooth, be little. COIL radical (76) The “coil” radical used to be initially an image of a coil of silk thread. discover ways to distinguish “coil” from the “nose” radical 厶 (46, above), and from the “silk” radical纟(48, below). forty seven three strokes 纟 forty eight three strokes 累 forty nine eleven strokes SĪ, silk. SILK radical (77) In seven universal smooth characters, the “silk” radical looks in its extra advanced, conventional shape (see less than, this frame). Lèi (49, under) is one instance. this occurs whilst the “silk” radical is on the backside, instead of on the part, of the nature. It’s performed, without doubt, for cultured purposes. LÈI, be drained; LĚI, pile up; be repeated [A] L2 In old China, the men’s major paintings used to be within the fields; the women’s major paintings used to be sericulture (silk-farming). it is a sturdy mnemonic to recollect this personality. (Original that means is “to pile up. ”) 好累 hǎolèi be very drained 10 p1-50-_RWC 1208. indd 10 4/12/12 10:08:04 AM BASIC CHARACTERS • 50–54 彳 50 three strokes 艮 fifty one 6 strokes 很 fifty two nine strokes 口 fifty three three strokes 灬 fifty four four strokes CHÌ, step.

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