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By Conrad J. Schmitt

ISBN-13: 978-0-07-154392-7

Schaum's define of Spanish Vocabulary is helping you retain your Spanish brand new, with the most recent phrases and modern usage-both in Spain and in Latin the United States.

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Un escalope is a filet of any form of meat that may be breaded— empanado—or dipped in egg and flour or breadcrumbs—rebozado—and then fried. In a few nations you are going to listen apanado instead of empanado. The note “steak” will be translated into Spanish in lots of other ways. Biftec and bistec are either established. additionally, you will see and listen to filete and entrecote. Filete could be a filet of any kind of meat or fish. Entrecote is used for meat basically. The be aware lomo refers to any reduce of meat from the loin region, A lomo de carne de res is especially just like our sirloin steak. Solomillo or lomo fino is a really gentle reduce of red meat and is a bit just like a tenderloin. in lots of parts of Latin the United States the be aware churrasco refers to a grilled steak. 6. position an order for meat ready within the following methods. 1. Cooked on a grill 2. Cooked in its common juices three. Baked within the oven four. Cooked with liquid over a low warmth on most sensible of the range five. Cooked in a roasting pan 6. Diced into small items 7. Cooked calmly in butter in a frying pan 7. establish every one merchandise in Fig. 15-4. Fig. 15-4 eight. whole. l. a. mayoría de l. a. gente prefiere el cerdo_____________ ____________. Yo creo que l. a. mayoría 1 de l. a. gente prefiere el pollo ____________ _____________ también. Pero a muchos les gusta el 2 biftec o ____________ _____________ o ____________ ____________ _____________. three four 94 bankruptcy 15 on the eating place ORDERING FISH OR SEAFOOD (SHELLFISH) Me gusta mucho el pescado cocido al vapor. escalfado. hervido. (cocido) al horno. frito. a los angeles romana. salteado. a los angeles parrilla (plancha). ahumado. Algunos pescados tienen muchas espinas. steamed poached boiled baked fried deep-fried sautéed broiled, grilled smoked bones concerning the LANGUAGE A los angeles parrilla, a los angeles plancha, and a los angeles brasa are all used to precise “grilled” or “broiled. ” there's, notwithstanding, a moderate technical distinction. A l. a. parrilla is used extra often for meats, because it ability grilled on a grating. A l. a. plancha is extra frequently used for seafood similar to shrimp, because it capacity “grilled on a flat floor. ” A los angeles brasa capacity grilled over coals and is most ordinarily used for poultry and different meats besides. nine. position an order for fish ready within the following methods. 1. Boiled 2. Cooked on a rack over boiling water three. Sautéed in butter four. Fried in a frying pan five. Breaded and deep-fried in oil 6. Cooked on a flat iron grill a few difficulties you've got Nos (me) hace falta un vaso. una taza. un platillo. un cuchillo. un tenedor. una cuchara. una cucharita. una servilleta. un salero. un pimentero. un cubierto. Pimienta, por want. Sal, Agua, Azúcar, El mantel está sucio. Esta carne está demasiado cruda. demasiado hecha (cocida). demasiado dura. los angeles comida está fría. Esto está muy salado. glass cup saucer knife fork soup spoon teaspoon serviette salt shaker pepper shaker position atmosphere pepper salt water sugar tablecloth; soiled too infrequent too well-done too tricky chilly salty CHAPTER 15 on the eating place ninety five 10. entire. 1. En los angeles mesa los angeles sal está en un ___________ y los angeles pimienta está en un ____________. El ____________ está en un azucarero.

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