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By Marita Nummikoski

This communicative "natural technique" to introductory Russian emphasizes studying, writing, talking, and listening talents. daily issues are awarded to permit readers to start speaking instantly. Grammar is gifted as an important software for verbal exchange and is brought all through. The booklet goals at evaluating and contrasting cultures, instead of offering the objective tradition in simple terms.

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Questions ◆ Professions and gender ◆ Formal and casual greetings ◆ Adverbs Contents xi 2 û ТHEMES ◆ Describing overseas language talents ◆ Introducing kinfolk, pals, and academics ◆ Making compliments three topics ◆ Naming issues ◆ Describing issues with adjectives ◆ soliciting for and expressing critiques ◆ conversing approximately possessions ◆ Describing the scale of your loved ones xii Contents - ? 37 tradition ◆ The Russian language worldwide ◆ Grandparents ◆ Russian households ◆ Patronymics ◆ Boyfriends and girlfriends ? buildings ◆ own pronouns: topic and item kinds ◆ Verb conjugation: teams I and II ◆ detrimental sentences ◆ Intonation in questions ◆ Conjunctions , а, and но ◆ Adverbs as opposed to adjectives: x / ◆ Possessive pronouns: Masculine and female ◆ Nouns of nationality ◆ Adjective contract: Masculine and female sixty seven tradition ◆ Russian-language periodicals ◆ Russian autos ◆ Borzoi – the Russian greyhound buildings ◆ Gender of nouns ◆ Adjective contract ◆ ? as opposed to ? ◆ Possessive pronouns ◆ Verbs Þ and ◆ based clauses ◆ Equivalents of the verb to have: ◆ Omission of ◆ Accusative case: Preview 4 Þ Þ subject matters ninety three tradition ◆ Describing your urban ◆ requesting instructions ◆ Expressing place ◆ Describing issues within the plural ◆ Describing your place or condo five ? Þ subject matters ◆ Describing your state ◆ Expressing situation ◆ Making comparisons ◆ Telling the place you reside and used to stay constructions ◆ Moscow ◆ St. Petersburg ◆ Russian housing ◆ inside of an condo ? ◆ own pronouns ◆ Demonstrative pronouns and ◆ Verbs oÞ , , and ( ) ◆ Prepositional case of singular nouns ◆ Nominative plural of nouns ◆ Nominative plural of adjectives ◆ Plural of possessive and demonstrative pronouns a hundred twenty five tradition ◆ actual and political geography of Russia, former USSR republics, and Europe ◆ St. Petersburg ◆ nation-state buildings ◆ Prepositional case of nouns (with , , and ) ◆ Comparative of adjectives ◆ Superlative of adjectives ◆ Prepositional case of adjectives: / ◆ Nouns with numerals ( Þ, Þ , ) ◆ Time expressions: Þ , ◆ prior annoying of verbs: creation Contents , xiii 6 ¾ ? ТHEMES tradition ◆ speaking approximately operating and going to college ◆ Filling out purposes ◆ speaking approximately paintings and examine schedules 7 Þ ◆ Telling time ◆ Discussing mealtimes ◆ speaking approximately day-by-day actions ◆ announcing the place you're going ◆ Expressing frequency of activities Contents buildings ◆ Professions: status and gender ◆ Calendars ◆ Acronyms subject matters xiv 153 Þ tradition ◆ Moscow time ◆ Time zones ◆ Russian mealtimes ◆ loved ones chores ◆ The verb ¾ž ◆ adverse sentences ◆ The verb ◆ Prepositional case (singular): Adjectives, and possessive and demonstrative pronouns ◆ Prepositional case of non-public pronouns ◆ Prepositional case (plural): Nouns ◆ Prepositional case (plural): Adjectives, and possessive and demonstrative pronouns ◆ Time expressions: Days of the week and (For) what number hours? Þ ? 185 buildings ◆ Time expressions: Hours and the nouns and ◆ Verbs ŧ , ¾šÞ , and Ÿ ◆ Time expressions: At what time ◆ Reflexive verbs ◆ Conjugation of verbs ◆ Accusative case: Inanimate nouns ◆ Expressing course: / + accusative ◆ Time expressions: Frequency of activities ◆ Verbs of movement: Þ as opposed to Þ 8 ¾ issues ◆ speaking approximately literature and paintings ◆ Expressing emphasis and choice ◆ speaking approximately activities ◆ speaking approximately track nine subject matters ◆ speaking concerning the seasons ◆ speaking approximately free-time actions ◆ Discussing earlier actions ◆ Telling approximately your holiday ?

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