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5 Steps To A 5 AP U.S. Government and Politics 2008-2009 - by Pamela Lamb

By Pamela Lamb

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Government and Politics. After you have completed both the multiple-choice and the free-response questions, check your answers to the multiple-choice questions against the given answers and read over the sample rubrics for the free-response questions. Key Ideas ✪ Practice the kind of multiple-choice and free-response questions you will be asked on the real exam. ✪ Answer questions that approximate the coverage of topics on the actual exam. ✪ Check your work against the given answers and the free-response rubrics.

A legal document (A) states a contractual relationship or grants a right. A prospectus (D) is a document that describes major features of a proposed project, whereas a writ (E) is a legal order requiring a person to do or refrain from a specific act. 11. A. A filibuster is a stalling tactic used only in the Senate (C, E), where debate is not limited. The House of Representatives limits debate under the authority of the Rules Committee (B). It is difficult to avoid or stop a filibuster because senators are hesitant to place limits on one another (D).

B) Revenue bills cannot be introduced in the Senate. (C) The Senate works with the president when treaties are involved. (D) The Senate’s larger number makes it more powerful. (E) The Senate contains 100 members. 20. The purpose of the 22nd Amendment, passed in 1951, was to (A) limit presidential terms of office (B) allow the president to choose a vice presidential running mate (C) provide more checks and balances on the executive office (D) allow voters in the District of Columbia to vote (E) allow for presidential impeachment 21.

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