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A Theory of Capitalist Regulation: The US Experience by Michel Aglietta

By Michel Aglietta

Michel Aglietta’s path-breaking e-book is the 1st try out at a rigorous old concept of the total improvement folks capitalism, from the Civil warfare to the Carter presidency. an immense rfile of the “Regulation School” of heterodox economics, it used to be got because the boldest ebook in its box because the vintage experiences of Paul Baran, Paul Sweezy and Harry Braverman.

This edition encompasses a giant postface through Aglietta, which situates rules idea within the context of twenty-first-century capitalism.

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4 4 " The anonymous writer gets angrier and angrier. In his answer in the Concordia, July 4th, he sweeps aside second-hand sources and demurely suggests that it is the "custom" to quote parliamentary speeches from the stenographic report; insisting, however, that the Times report (which includes the "lyingly added" sentence) and the Hansard report (which omits it) "fully coincide materially", while the Times report likewise contains "the direct opposite ofthat notorious passage in the Inaugural Address".

We have seen that when commodities are exchanged, their exchange value manifests itself as something totally independent of their use value. But if we abstract from their use value, there remains their Value as defined above. Therefore, the common substance that manifests itself in the exchange value of commodities, whenever they are exchanged, is their value. The progress of our investigation will show that exchange value is the only form in which the value of commodities can manifest itself or be expressed.

Along with the useful qualities of the products themselves, we put out of sight both the useful character of the various kinds of labour embodied in them, and the concrete forms of that labour; there is nothing left but what is common to them all; all are reduced to one and the same sort of labour, human labour in the abstract. Let us now consider the residue of each of these products; it consists of the same unsubstantial reality in each, a mere congelation of homogeneous human labour, of labour power expended without regard to the mode of its expenditure.

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