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Basic Cantonese: A Grammar and Workbook (Grammar Workbooks) by Virginia Yip

By Virginia Yip

Basic Cantonese introduces the necessities of Cantonese grammar in a simple and systematic means.

Each of the 28 devices offers with a grammatical subject and gives linked routines, designed to place grammar right into a communicative context. targeted realization is paid to subject matters which fluctuate from English and ecu language structures.

This re-creation features:

transparent, available format

• energetic examples to demonstrate every one grammar point

• informative keys to all exercises

• word list of grammatical terms

Basic Cantonese is perfect for college students new to the language. including its sister volume, Intermediate Cantonese, it kinds a established process the necessities of Cantonese grammar.

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Sample text

The guests eat manner quite happy) The guests are eating quite happily Go góngs(( góng d&&k taai faai (lit. the lecturer speak manner too fast) The lecturer talks too fast When the verb is followed by an object, the verb is repeated so that d&&k immediately follows the verb: 48 Unit 10 ) cheung d&&k hóu ch&& Ngóh cheung-g) (lit. I sing songs sing manner very bad) I sing very badly Kéuih waahk-wá waahk d&&k géi leng (lit. she paints pictures paints manner quite nice) She draws quite nicely Léih góng-yéh góng d&&k taai daaih-s%%ng (lit.

Yes) Is Professor Ma having a meeting? (no) Don’t you know him? (no) Don’t you need to go to work? 2 Choose haih or hái as required: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 † Kéuihdeih ____ Méihgwokyàhn Kéuih ____ ngóh sailóu Kéuih ____ hohkhaauh Kéuihdeih mh ` _____ H%%unggóng Ngóh ____ Seuhnghóiyàhn Go dói ____ kéuih ge *ngs(( Léih S&&ang ____ g* Ngóhdeih ____ pàhngyáuh Ngóh go jái ____ *kkéi Kéuih ____ ngóh tùhnghohk They are American He’s my brother She’s at school They are not in Hong Kong. 3 Use haih and ge to emphasize the italicized word(s): Example: Ngóh gaau Y( ngmán I teach English → Ngóh haih gaau Y((ngmán ge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Lóuhbáan góng béi ngóh t%%ng * léih Ngóh béi bún sy* Kéuih ga-m j( u jáu Gihn s&&am géisìh máaih )i?

Póut* B: Móuh a (móuh hohk-gwo a) Have they moved house? Yes (they have) Have you learnt Putonghua? No (I haven’t) Note the close relationship here between yáuh/móuh and the aspect markers jó and gwo (gwo can appear in sentences with móuh or yáuhmóuh but jó cannot: see Unit 18). 2 Answer the following questions about yourself using yáuh or móuh as appropriate: 1 2 3 4 5 Léih yáuh-móuh y&&t baak m&&n a ($100)? Léih hái H%%unggóng yáuh-móuh pàhngyáuh a (friends)? Léihdeih yáuh-móuh dihnlóuh a (computer)?

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