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Cosmological Applications of Algebraic Quantum Field Theory by Thomas-Paul Hack

By Thomas-Paul Hack

This ebook presents a principally self-contained and greatly obtainable exposition on cosmological purposes of algebraic quantum box conception (QFT) in curved spacetime: a primary research of the cosmological evolution in line with the traditional version of Cosmology; and a basic research of the perturbations in inflation. the 2 crucial sections of the booklet facing those purposes are preceded through sections supplying a pedagogical creation to the topic. Introductory fabric at the development of linear QFTs on common curved spacetimes with and with no gauge symmetry within the algebraic method, bodily significant quantum states on basic curved spacetimes, and the backreaction of quantum fields in curved spacetimes through the semiclassical Einstein equation is additionally given. The reader must have a uncomplicated realizing of basic Relativity and QFT on Minkowski spacetime, yet no heritage in QFT on curved spacetimes or the algebraic method of QFT is required.>

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Then, for any bounded neighbourhood O(Σ) of Σ, we can find a g ∈ Γ0 (V ) with supp g ⊂ O(Σ) and g ∈ [ f ]. 3. The causal propagator E P : Γ0 (V ) → Γsc (V ) descends to a bijective map E → Solsc and for all f ∈ Γ0 (V ) and all Φ ∈ Sol, f, Φ V = E P f, Φ Sol , where for all Φ1 , Φ2 ∈ Sol with spacelike-compact overlapping support, the bilinear form ·, · Sol is defined as Φ1 , Φ2 Sol . = PΦ1+ , Φ2 V . 4. ·, · Sol may be computed as a suitable integral over an arbitrary but fixed Cauchy surface Σ of (M, g) with future-pointing normal vector field N and induced measure dΣ.

Physically interesting states there include the Fock vacuum state and associated multiparticle states as well as coherent states and states describing thermal equilibrium situations. e. the same high-energy behaviour, namely they satisfy the so-called Hadamard condition, which we shall review in a few moments. A closer look at the formulation of quantum field theory in Minkowski spacetime reveals that the Hadamard condition is indeed essential for the mathematical consistency of QFT in Minkowski spacetime, as we would like to briefly explain now.

Let us consider two auxiliary Cauchy surfaces Σ1 and Σ2 which are both contained in O(Σ) and which are chosen such that Σ2 lies in the future of Σ whereas Σ1 lies in the past of Σ. Moreover, let us take a smooth function χ ∈ Γ (M) which is identically vanishing in the future of Σ2 . and fulfils χ ≡ 1 in the past of Σ1 and let us define g = f − Pχ E R f . By construction and on account of the properties of both a globally hyperbolic spacetime (M, g) and a retarded fundamental solution E R on M, χ E R f has compact support, hence g ∈ [ f ].

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