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Critique of Physics by L L Whyte

By L L Whyte

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The resulting variation of electronic mass with velocity involved the equivalent of a new definition of e, and per­ mitted this constant to be retained though the electronic orbits no longer formed an H-set. In the general theory it was shown that the proportionality of mass and weight, and hence G, could be retained (to an adequate approxima­ tion) in a generally covariant theory. But this meant the giving up of the last remaining H-set, and allowing the value of c, as measured in a given coordinate system, to depend on the coordinate system, the gravitational field, and the direction of propagation.

Thus the finitude of c can be viewed as causing the failure of the descriptive method based on the use of four metrical coordinates. From the stand­ point of current theory, if c were not finite these (hypo­ thetical) difficulties in applying a metric in exact theory would not arise. From a different standpoint the same situation may be interpreted as meaning that another and for an exact microscopic theory better method of description exists, and that THE APPEARANCE OF THE VELOCITY c MAY BE REGARDED AS A NECESSARY CONSEQUENCE OF APPLYING A SYSTEM OF FOUR METRICAL COORDINATES TO EVENTS WHOSE ORDERING SHOULD BE DESCRIBED IN ANOTHER MAN NER.

Such an observer can therefore, in principle, always use proper periods and is not compelled to rely on indirect measurements by light experiments of their periods with reference to his own moving system. Expressed without reference to an observer this means that in a unitary theory the conception of the measurement of the time-period of a clock relative to a frame with reference to which the dock is in motion can be eliminated, since proper-times are given as a function of structure. But this elimination of the Lorentz transformations from exact structural theory implies, as in §8, the discarding of the conception of an extended space-time coordinate system based on the simultaneity criterion implicit in the postulated constancy of c.

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