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Dark Guardian (Dark series, Book 9) (Carpathian Novels) by Christine Feehan

By Christine Feehan

[Read by way of Patrick Lawlor]

Jaxon Montgomery is a lady hunted. knowledgeable by means of the unique Forces, honed via a tense early life, she is a policewoman with an undisputed attractiveness. She meets her fit while she is determined as much as be murdered by means of an enemy. Hunted on each side, she will be able to in simple terms flip to the mysterious stranger who turns out extra risky than the other she has ever recognized. He ran with the wolves . . . Materialized from the mists . . . Hijacked the very heavens to his whims . . .

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Once, since he had murdered her family and then her foster family, it had been a neighbor of hers, one Jaxon enjoyed having coffee with—a young woman in a wheelchair with a zest for life and a ready smile. Jaxon had never allowed herself to have a real friend since. Even on the job she made certain it appeared as if she changed partners often. In public she never smiled at them or socialized with them, not wanting to trigger Tyler's killing rage. This situation—Jaxon alone in a man's house—was the perfect scenario to provoke Tyler once more, a vengeful maniac determined to murder Lucian.

There simply were no such things as vampires in the world. It just wasn't so. She tossed the wet shirt aside and slipped thankfully down into the hot water. Yes, there are. You just saw one. His name was Henrique, and he was not very skilled. There are many more. Do not worry, Jaxon. I am a hunter of the undead, and I will protect you. He was in her mind again. She shook her head as if that would remove him. "I don't want to know anything about vampires. I could go my entire life without that information and be perfectly happy.

She very much wanted to savor those things. To hold them to her. "I guess it doesn't matter," she found herself replying. His voice was so soft. Hearing it was like being wrapped in velvet. But Jaxon was not about to fool herself. As sexy and exciting as Lucian was, she had the feeling that if she was stupid enough to give him a free hand, he could easily take on the male, domineering arrogance that set her teeth on edge. He burst out laughing, the sound drifting over her skin like the touch of fingers.

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