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Deadspeak (Necroscope, Book 4) by Brian Lumley

By Brian Lumley

A brand new vampire stalks the earth, and merely Harry Keogh can defeat him!

The silence of the grave isn't really silent in any respect. of their thousands, the useless are screaming...but not anyone can listen them!

Atop a deadly cliff, deep within the Balkan mountains, rises the fortress of the Ferenczy. as soon as it used to be a stronghold of the Vamphyri...and now it is going to be so back, for Janos Ferenczy, vampire and black magician, has risen from his ages-long sleep. robust and evil, Janos conjures lifeless women and men right into a semblance of lifestyles and matters them to fiendish tortures.

But the shrieks of the lifeless don't fulfill Janos's lust for blood-- for that he wishes dwelling people. His terrifying armies of the risen useless will quickly crush a helpless, defenseless mankind....

Helpless and defenseless simply because a bad conflict opposed to the vampires has destroyed Harry Keogh's deadspeak, leaving the Necroscope deaf to the teeming dead...and to their warnings of Janos's reign of terror.

To keep the realm, Harry needs to sign up for forces and hyperlink minds with the main strong, and deadliest, vampire of all!

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Her friend. Minutes after they had spoken, their words remained, hovering as though the air had grown stagnant. The room seemed to be darkening, as if with the approach of a storm - the young girl's eyes must be tired, that was all. Headlights trailed over the ceiling and dragged at the pattern of the wallpaper, which shifted slyly. No light reached the open door, beyond which stood blackness. She imagined how much of the dark house she would have to brave to escape. Boredom or unease was growing.

The last anyone heard of him was he got so stoned at Frankfurt he forgot what books he was selling . ' `. . and Asimov says to her "Don't say that, that's what my wife keeps saying" . ' Diana had found herself a corner table and was giving Tarot readings. Bill was in another corner, playing author. ' Having dealt with a frantic phone call from one of his clients, Jack made his way over to Rose. Alcohol had calmed his limbs. `It's really good to meet you,' he said. `I mean, I knew Bill through his letters, but you were kind of a mysterious figure.

Perhaps Diana couldn't hear that his tone was consciously patient. `The atmosphere you're in is conflict -Eight of Wands reversed,' she began. `Working against you is the Moon - occult forces. Your aim in the matter is love, friendship, union - the Two of Cups. ' An audience was gathering, as though around a poker school: would Steve McQueen have the ace in the hole? `Now this is interesting. ' Bill clearly found this less interesting than she did. She pointed at the rank of cards: Five of Cups, Knight of Wands, Three of Cups, Nine of Swords.

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