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Death's Realm

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There's whatever that awaits you at the highway forward, lurking within the darkness on the intersection among the right here and the Hereafter.

It's on the crossroads of this life and the subsequent, the place the forces of the dwelling and the lifeless converge in a terrifying position often called Death's Realm. And it's right here the place armies from each side of the veil salary an enduring conflict within the fight for control.

This is a quantity containing 16 tales of these wars via award-winning sleek masters of the horror and speculative fiction genres.


"OMNISCOPIC" through Rhoads Brazos - Mankind has eternally sought facts of lifestyles past loss of life. This terrifying Lovecraftian stories proves that typically the secrets and techniques of the universe are higher left undiscovered.

"SOME different DAY" by means of John F.D. Taff - Following the demise of his mom, a boy is going to nice lengths to keep up a dating together with his grief-stricken father, regardless of the price to all of mankind.

"HAUNTER" by way of Hank Schwaeble - Matthew has came across love back after a sad loss, however the nightmares of the previous threaten his new fact and appear decided to copy themselves.

"BURIAL SUIT" through John C. Foster - An ex-con embarks on a deadly trip to make sure his useless father's soul reveals secure passage to eternity, risking his personal within the process.

"NINE" via Aaron Polson - An anthropologist's obsession with a misplaced civilization turns into unusually intertwined with the unusual habit of her younger sons.

"PENUMBRA" by way of Jay Caselberg - Newly lifeless, a tender guy is set to arrive around the veil to the lady he left at the back of, refusing to allow dying stand within the approach in their real love.

"FOXHOLE" by way of JG Faherty - because the merely survivors of an army unit engaged in a jungle conflict, squaddies and early life associates cease at not anything to guard one another from the unseen enemy that pursues them.

"DROWNING" by way of Gregory L. Norris - Edgard miraculously escaped dying while he survived the sinking of monstrous. Having made a brand new existence for himself in the United States, a terrifying strength threatens to tug him again to the darkish and icy waters of the North Atlantic.

"THE WEIGHT" by means of Jane Brooks - Experiencing debilitating ache that has her on the fringe of cognizance, a lady struggles with the occasions of her earlier on the way to stay alive.

"HARDER YOU FALL" through Brian Fatah Steele - the power to speak to the lifeless has supplied Madeline a lavish way of life. Now, wanting anything extra, she needs to be able to flee the effect of her darkish mentor.

"MIRRORWORLD" by means of Martin Rose - All Jude wanted was once the signature of a Satanist on divorce papers. What he received as a substitute was once an premature dying and a tortured hereafter, because of a few risky black magic.

"MARCH HAYS" by means of Matthew Pegg - whilst WWII leaves him wounded, Sam reveals himself in a well-known position, the place friendly stories of his adolescence are darkened via a terrifying specter.

"HIGH ART" by means of Karen Runge and Simon Dewar - Raymond resides the existence he constantly dreamed of now that his spouse is out of the image. yet he speedy starts off to query even if divorce might were much less painful.

"A PIRATE'S RANSOM" via Jay O'Shea - Somali pirates find a disabled, deserted freighter adrift within the hot waters of the Arabian Sea, but it's mysteriously lined in ice. They quickly discover they need to have permit this chance move them by.

"TO contact THE DEAD" through Paul Michael Anderson - while our possessions are all that stay of our lifestyles, destiny psychics from the People's background undertaking are hired to catalog the strength we've left in the back of, with frightening consequences.

"YOU basically DIE ONCE" by means of Stephen Graham Jones - There aren't any pearly gates or angels on excessive to welcome the useless into the afterlife. in its place there's basically mysterious rooms, filthy shadows and terrifying beings.

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The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard

Listed below are Howard’s maximum horror stories, all of their unique, definitive types. a few of Howard’s best-known characters–Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn, and sailor Steve Costigan between them–roam the forbidding locales of the author’s fevered mind's eye, from the swamps and bayous of the Deep South to the fiend-haunted woods outdoor Paris to distant jungles in Africa.

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